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Plastic Pallets

Stratis Plastic Pallets

Visit our plastic pallets websiteStratis Plastic Pallets are innovatively designed for maximum ergonomics and can be steel reinforced for edge rackability. Stratis Plastic Pallets provides standard and custom products for printing, converting, corrugating, metal fabrication, pharmaceutical and food markets.
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Custom & Specialty

Snyder Custom & Specialty Products

Visit our custom molding websiteSnyder has been a custom & specialty rotomolder for plastic products for over 38 years. Engineering, research, and design have always been paramount in Snyder custom & specialty services to its customers.
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Snyder Utility Products

Visit our utilities websiteThe rotational molding process is the ideal manufacturing technology for many products in the underground distribution of electricity. The process and thermoplastic materials used by Thermodynamics have been time tested in the utility industry and have demonstrated outstanding performance, weatherability, and durability for over 30 years.
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Snyder Refuse Products

Visit our refuse websiteSnyder Industries, Refuse Division, manufactures 2 & 3 yard commercial side load Poly Dumpsters, 200,300, and 450 Gallon automated containers. Also available is a full line of commercial front and rear loader bin lids.
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Snyder Industries is one of the largest plastic molding companies in the World.

Snyder Industries produces a wide variety of plastic articles for a broad group of industries and applications. Snyder Industries has branches across the country that offer a diverse product line of buoys, pontoons, classic lamp post reproductions, to bins and plastic pallets, refuse containers and liquid storage tanks.

Rotonics Network

Snyder Network

Experience is our greatest attribute. Snyder has been manufacturing plastic products for 35 years. Snyder has become a major resource and innovator to the rotational molding industry.

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Snyder Media


The rotational molding process allows flexibility in part design, material selection and manufacturing. The process is unique in that parts are formed hollow and seamless.

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Who We Are

Who We Are

Snyder is one of the largest rotational molding companies in the United States. We produce a wide variety of plastic articles for a broad group of industries and applications.

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